Great online working opportunities

free agony aunt problem page – the website of Beth Shepherd the international therapist and clairvoyant who also offers free readings on the website. But many people go to her in the hope of a job working for her, if she says yes not only does it mean you get a terrific, interesting and well paid job but it looks great on your cv when you want to move on to bigger and better things later.

– the website of the famous Rosemary Price online psychic still going strong after more than four decades of working helping people full time as a professional spiritual advisor and reader. Some people contact the famous lady herself and ask her if they can work for her as a spiritual advisor online. If they are very talented and skilled and can prove it she may well consider it. It depends on how good they are and if there are opportunities at that time. One of the things to remember is that this changes on a day by day basis and she does get a lot of people approach her. If you can get a job working for a famous and leading consultant it could be the start of something big for you.

You can offer your tarot card readings, Beth Shepherd the psychic for i ching, rune stones, palmistry, astrology, psychic medium readings, crystal ball readings to the big wide World and work online or face to face with local clients, being paid for your time and talents. Top psychics earn a lot of money, people like Rosemary Price, who is famous and has made a name for herself, but everyone has to start somewhere and people with talent and ambition can rise to the top.

– You can offer your professional services forum for ufos and pyramids through this site if you are a herbalist, reiki master, yoga teacher, new age therapist etc. You can choose whether you reach out to just a few local people and keep it very part time and meet them or do something where it is possible to send out shoots all over the World, getting busier, more money, helping people online, people you never meet but email or speak to instead. You can do a mixture of both.

You can spend a great deal of time sifting through websites. If you want to keep searching remember that you need to use the right keywords when googling. Sites that offer psychic readings often only offer readings and do not offer jobs. If you want a job show this in your keyword choice. Remember that anyone working for a typical agency or one of the many call centres has to do it their way. This often means you must commit to working odd hours and long hours or they will not hire you. One of the reasons people choose to be self employed is because they want to be more in control of their life not feeling that they are owned by an agency that can dictate their lives to them. Agencies tend to pay very little because they have all of the hassle, inconvenience time and expense of setting and running the business, you will earn more if you are self employed and take on the organisation too. By being listed on a directory you will be finding a way to be self employed but without much of this hassle and time

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